Bill Gaither

This musical show travels down memory lane to honor and appreciate gospel music heroes of all time. It is a dose of captivating sounds that are timeless. The praise and worship songs still retain a genius that is not comparable to anything else.  This is an incredible showcase of music greats which bring memories of old to many an avid fan.

It celebrates homecoming artists who have gone on to be with the lord. As a result, the music is kept alive as audiences watch and look back with fondness. It is a sizzling program filled with immense invaluable lessons in the songs with a unitary spirit that graces it. Gospel music’s deep roots run deep and the top legends together with the music they gave to the world are featured.

Best-selling Gaither artists are featured names like Jake Hess, Howard & Vestal Goodman, Rusty Goodman, Brock Speer, Bob Cain and Rex Nelon topping the list. You can look forward to veteran but fresh sounds as the Bill Gaither’s Homecoming show highlights those who have made a difference for the glory of God.