Family TV and Church Channel on Digital Platform!!


Buy a normal free to air receiver (decoder), scan for the channels and you will find Family TV labelled as "Signet Family TV" and Church Channel labelled as "Signet Church Channel".

Find us on Zuku, GoTV, Startimes and Signet. You can get a satellite dish and decoder from our offices in Nairobi for a one off price Ksh. 3000 only!!! 

For more information call 020 4200 000  or sms us on 22316.












The world is now a global village and we recognize the need of spreading the love of Jesus across nations. At Family Media we aim at keeping Jesus on the airwaves and in relation to this we have launched a new Channel called Family XL. Our vision for this channel is to have sermons in other languages so as to go even further with the gospel.