Jam 316 with James Okumu

Jam 316 is a fun, fresh and interactive breakfast show that has a lot to offer to ensure you start the day on a right note. The show aims to inform, inspire educate and entertain you as we play you the very best in Gospel music.

From traffic updates, weather reports and newspaper review, the show keeps you in touch and up to date with what is going on around you. Depending on the day of the week, we bring in different professionals to address issues and give us information that will build us up and help us grow and mature in our faith.

Mondays we look at issues that have to do with personal growth, from finances to leadership, health and spiritual matters the list just goes on and on. We also look at social issues that affect us as a society and get the listeners to call in or text and share their views and experiences.

Tuesday is “Tech Tuesday” and we look at what trending where technology is concerned and how we can maximize on and get the most out of the already existing tech.

Wednesdays is what we call “Open Topic Wednesday” where we give our listeners to call in text or email and suggest what they want us to discuss.

We call our Thursdays “Family Thursday” and we talk about issues we face in our families. From marriages, raising children to in-laws, there is nothing we will not talk about as long as it affects the family.

On Fridays is where we give our listeners the opportunity to come in and share their testimony, share with the whole world what God is doing in their life. Apart from all that we have competitions and trivia’s that are fun interactive and addictive keeping the listener glued to their radio.

Every morning we pray and share a devotion that keeps you going and reminds you the important things in life that we so easily forget because of our busy schedule. So if you want your mornings to be different, if you want to listen to the best gospel music, if you need inspiration, information and some fun, then tune in to Jam 316 every weekday 6:30 am to 10:00 am and once you do so, as we say in radio cycles: Don’t Touch That Dial!”