Sharon Ong’awo

Hello there,

Being a TV presenter has always been my passion and growing up I really wanted to be one…I’m glad am living my dream.

I host and produce two medical shows on Family TV namely Family Health and Doctors on Call.

Doctors on Call airs live every Sunday from 4 – 5 pm while Family Health is a pre-recorded show which entails two medical feature stories that airs every Wednesday at 8 pm.

I am very passionate about medical shows because of the impact it creates in people’s lives.

The book of Job 36:12 is my driving force – I am determined to instill knowledge in people

I have been hosting medical shows for the past 4 years. I think at this juncture I should pursue Medicine…Just may be (Still contemplating though)

Thank you for your participation and for always keeping me company!!!! Cheers….