Local Shows

Lawyers On Call Every Wednesday @ 21:00 PM EAT

Lawyers On Call a show that aims to educate, inform and empower people with their rights and understanding on how the legal process works in different instances. The show airs every Wednesday at 21:00 EAT

This is My Story Every Tuesday @ 20:00PM EAT

This is my story airs every Tuesday at 20:00 EAT, the show highlights personal stories of real people that have overcome difficult situations by the grace of God.  This show will build your faith and encourage you.

Youth On The Move Every Monday @ 20:00PM EAT

Youth on the move airs every Monday at 20:00 pm EAT. The main objective of the show is to change the mindset of the youths from focusing on white collar jobs to encouraging innovation and talent in generating income...

Family Features Every Saturday @ 20:30PM EAT

This program airs every Saturday at 20:30 pm EAT. It is focused on highlighting particular topics

Family Matters Every Thursday @ 20:00PM EAT

Family Matters is a show that tackles various issues affecting the society today. The family is the basic building block of any society and this is why we believe Family Matters. The show airs every Thursday at 20:00 EAT.

Family Health Every Wednesday @ 20:00 PM EAT

Family Health is a medical documentary program based on real facts and statistics that focus on all aspects of health in daily living. The show airs every Wednesday at 21:00EAT on Family Tv

Pastors on Call Every Thursday @ 21:00 PM EAT

Pastors on Call is a show that offers spiritual guidance and counseling on different topics ranging from marriage-related issues to faith-based struggles. The show airs live every Thursday at 21:00 EAT

Let’s Talk Every Friday @ 20:00 PM EAT

This TV talk show aims at interviewing inspiring and intriguing personalities, professionals in the corporate world and how they balance their faith in their day-to-day work. While the show does have a personal interview it will also focus on current...

Behind the Scenes Every Last Friday of the Month @ 20:00 PM EAT

Behind The Scenes is a show that aims to bring to viewers the various activities of Family Media and highlight the importance of partners in supporting the company. The main objective of Behind The Scenes is to show our partners...

Family Fitness Every Saturday @ 07:00 AM EAT

Family TV has been on the forefront of promoting living a healthy lifestyle and Family Fitness is a work out show tailor made to demonstrate how exercises can be easily done from one’s living room on a regular basis...