Grant R.Jeffrey takes a look at bible prophesy keenly and delves deep into the facts to bring you a complete revelation. The host will not just inform you but will open your eyes to many bible predications that have already been fulfilled and many others that are still to come. It is a program that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. The bible is a prophesy hub that continually amazes many people. More often than not, many are not able to deduce different prophesies as written. For this reason, the bible prophesy expert will lay out these prophesies for full conviction. He uses core facts to argue his points and lays out the bare truth as it is in the bible.  Among the topics he covers are Israel’s destiny to rebuild the temple, the second coming of the messiah, the rapture and tribulation period, invasion of Israel, promise of paradise; the list goes on. These are no doubt fascinating topics to all Christians and non-Christians alike.